Interpreting and Translating

Quality language interpretation requires more than just multi-lingual fluency


At UCCB International we understand that it takes more then just understanding language to be a good interpreter or translator. Comprehension of the subject matter being discussed is essential to the success of effectively communicating dialogue. A good interpreter must take in words, fully grasp their meaning, and then turn that meaning back into words. The key to this language exchange is a fundamental understanding of the topics being discussed.

With this in mind, we take great care in our selection process of interpreters we assign to staff specific venues. We have experienced interpreters and translators who also possess educational and professional backgrounds in numerous fields. Whether in legal matters, scientific, technical, engineering, medical or others, UCCB has got you covered. The success of our interpreters to correctly communicate meaning is critically important to the success of you and your business. When you see me, UCCB.

His translation abilities were excellent even in highly technical situation. He asked questions and found alternate explanations to improve the understanding of the group he was supporting. He not only translated during face-to-face conversations, but was also willing to translate written instructions to help with further training of my team.  His involvement helped to form friendships between associates speaking different languages which will enable communication later for both sides.

– Lea Anne Carlton, Sr. Plastics Manufacuring Engineer, BOSCH