“What would you say…you ‘do’ here?” - Bob Slydell, Office Space 1999

Use of language is more than just grammar and vocabulary – it’s also about having an understanding of different cultures. This is of the utmost importance when conducting international business. Fully understanding each other, verbally and culturally, helps to mitigate misunderstandings and reinforce a proper grasp of the linguistic subtleties that aid in success.

As native English speakers living in Germany, UCCB has developed a thorough sensitivity for both languages – German and English – building on a 10-year portfolio of proficient international language, mediation and consulting services.

In our one-on-one or classroom language training, whether for a private individual or an entire company, we will first determine your current language level to assure your learning success. Certification of your CEFR language proficiency level is also available upon request. Whether you are learning English or anything else, it is always important to focus on the needs of the learner; therefore, we structure each language training based on the individual’s aims and requirements.

Crossing the globe, borderless communication in today’s world presents new challenges for companies, business professionals and even the everyday person. We can help translate, localize and optimize your websites, publications or correspondence, both logically and subject-specific, from German into English or English into German. With years of experience and academic training, we can cover a wide variety of areas and provide you the best possible German / English translation with the added incentive of localization or search engine optimization (SEO).

Interpreting and translating aren’t rocket science…unless you are interpreting for an aerospace engineering company like Boeing, Lockheed Martin or Airbus. At UCCB, we ensure that our interpreters not only have the required language skills for translation, but also a proficient understanding of the subject matter being discussed.

Cross cultural interactions abroad, whether short or long term, are simply a given in today’s everyday international business and travel. With it also comes a need for spoken and written English in daily business, such as contacting customers, service providers or taking part in conference calls. UCCB provides concrete advice for speaking English in the workplace and helps to make cross-cultural differences light and comprehensible. The intercultural competence training will assure confidence and understanding when conducting international affairs.

Besides the expected language differences when moving abroad to the U.S. or Germany there will always be many other small hurdles to over come; however, UCCB can prepare you for these subtle differences and make the experience the adventure it should be. Whether relocating alone, with your family or setting up a business abroad, our experience and long-term residences in both countries ensures that we will provide you with the skills and specific advice needed to guarantee that your move is exciting, enjoyable and sucessful.