The Team

UCCB Leadership

  • Matt Malone

  • CEO

Being born and raised in the “Melting Pot” of New York City, Matt Malone understands the importance and dynamics of multi cultural cooperation. After serving as a Captain in the military and working in Iraq as the US Oil Ministry Representative, Matthew got out of the military and decided to stay in Bamberg, Germany where his daughter was born. In 2007 he started his own language school and international consulting company, UCCB International.  As the Head of UCCB International, as well as the American Representative on the Migration and Integrations Council, Matt has traveled extensively throughout the world, working together with such clients as Bosch, Brose, Oracle and Siemens. Understanding that Germany is leading the world in renewable energy and technologies, he incorporated his passion in sustainable development with his international consultancy.  In 2009, UCCB began working with an American solar energy company, developing solar energy projects in Germany and other countries around the world.  Matt is fully dedicated to cross cultural understanding, sustainable technologies and good business.  He spends most of his free time with his daughter, wife and friends, but also enjoys reading, traveling, rock climbing, skiing, scuba diving and other outdoor activities.

  • Sam Canders

  • International Man of Mystery

First Officer, American Eagle Airlines and Kalitta, USA
– Conducting airline and cargo operations throughout the US and the World

Aviation Officer, Connecticut Air National Guard
– C-130J “Super Hercules” and C21 “Couger” Airlift Pilot conducting worldwide airlift missions.
– Chief of Tactics, Tactics Officer, Pilot and JPADS Operator in support of 4 combat tours.
– Extensive experience conducting worldwide operations throughout the Pacific, Central America, Europe, and South Central Asia.
– Extensive experience operating complex aircraft systems utilizing state of the art Collins and Honeywell avionics, glass multi-functional displays as well as HUDs and EVS.

Aviation Company Commander, US Army in Honduras
– Assisted in the planning of counter-narcotics operations, disaster relief, and MEDEVAC operations throughout Central America and The Republic of Haiti.
– Served as the aviation advisor and lead planner to the 2 Infantry Brigades on aviation operations.
– Pilot in command of high performance, complex aircraft under day, night, night vision goggle, instrument, and mountainous conditions.
– Prioritized scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of 12 UH-60L Blackhawks, averaging 90% operational readiness of the fleet.
– Managed and oversaw the training of 26 rated crewmembers and 21 mechanics/crew-chiefs.
– Responsible for the maintenance and accountability of equipment valued in excess of $140 million.
– Assisted in the planning and execution of a 4,400 hour flying hour program.