Language Training

Efficient Language Development

Learn English or German in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities!
Bamberg, Germany – UNESCO World Heritage City and the world renowned capital of beer brewing.

UCCB International only uses native speakers for teaching your target language. Then, using real world practical situations, current world events and material that targets your specific needs, we will improve your expertise as a “global language” speaker. Throughout your language training experience we place specific emphasis on listening, communicating and functional usage.

Completing successive steps, you will learn to communicate effectively with international colleagues and partners. This includes presenting products and services, leading tactical discussions at meetings and contemplating different ways of achieving your goals in negotiations.

Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) levels A1-C2: Class lessons follow a systematic and structured development of your language skills through the use of CEFR levels A1-C2. Using these international standardized levels as an outline, we will adjust your learning to help you acquire the tools necessary for clear and proficient communication in a variety of real world situations.

Because if you’re the type of individual who prides yourself on being successful at everything you do, yet have a desire to enjoy life while doing so, then UCCB is a great partner to help you meet your cross cultural and language needs. We offer professional language training in one of Europe’s most picturesque cities: Bamberg, Germany. But, what good would your language or cultural classroom training be without the opportunity of immersing yourself in the world around you? Our training is unique because we offer experienced academic language training, while also helping you organize interesting leisure and cultural activities during your visit. At UCCB it is our goal to assist you in using your newly acquired language skills to make the most out of your intercultural experience.


Having lived and worked throughout the world, our trainer was very comfortable with a large range of people, regardless of their age, status or cultural background. Through his work and consulting he has had a wide range of personal and professional experiences that can clearly help keep people engaged and aid in making this training successful.

-Dr. Steven D. Garber, CEO of Worldwide Ecology, New York